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Fed up of logging into multiple separate cryptocurrency exchanges? Frustrated by missing features? Want to use advanced order types such as trailing stops on exchanges that don’t support them?

Orko is a self hosted web application which provides a unified dashboard to control numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to trade and manage your portfolio, even if it is spread across multiple exchanges, all from one screen. It works seamlessly on desktop and mobile, so you can have the same trading experience wherever you go.

All this without sharing your API keys with anyone.

Transaction Outbox

A flexible implementation of the Transaction Outbox Pattern for Java. Can replace or augment message queues such as RabbitMQ or ApacheMQ, while additionally allowing local work and remote requests to be committed in the same database transaction, guaranteeing eventual consistency*.

Transaction Outbox has a clean, extensible API, very few dependencies and plays nicely with a variety of database platforms, transaction management approaches and application frameworks. Every aspect is highly configurable or overridable. It features out-of-the-box support for Spring DI, Spring Txn, Hibernate, Guice, MySQL 5 & 8, PostgreSQL 9-12 and H2.

Dropwizard Guicebox

A slightly different take on Guice integration with DropWizard, which makes heavy use of multibindings to create a more plugin-like, modular experience.